Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life and Arduino running parallel

Well, lifewise my Dad's come up to help me out with a handful and a half of tasks to take the pressure off. This will, combined with my Mum's book-keeping skills, keep the stress and stress-related conditions hopefully at bay until work calms down come September (and I can have a holiday).

In Arduino news I have a few ideas. I like the idea of an ethernet or wifi-controlled robot, I like the idea of a web-access sensor, I like many ideas, but I'd really like to try to build a LOGO turtle drawer robot. One you can firstly program using the USB connection, and later program using wifi or rfid or somesuch, and after that program using the buttons on the actual chassis. Wish me luck!

Firstly I need to buy a chassis, some tracks or wheels and get them working as I need. Also, I'd like to get some EEPROM memory and learn how to use it. I should learn a lot on this project.

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