Monday, August 15, 2011

Arduino-programming girlfriend

My girlfriend picked up my Arduino, pre-wired into a 16x2 character LCD screen, and looking at a simple example has programmed it to display messages, flash text, use functions and loops, all with no previous programming experience. Jealous? Yeah, you're totally jealous. I think it also helped her understand a little of what I do at work (I'm essentially a programmer).

Personally I have a few ideas for some projects. I'd like to do some previously buillt projects first though, maybe starting with a knock sensor, then moving on to a controls-to-usb-controller-output macro thingy. i lost my last controller so I'm going to have a good time re-mapping the key matrix. At some point I have to face my fear of motors and continuous rotation servos so I can get on my way to my LOGO robot! I wonder what the torque is like on my mini servo...?

My second order from proto-pic is still awaiting fulfillment. If they're ordering in a 22mF capacitor to complete my order because I didn't check that they were out I will kick myself extra hard. My purchase from hobbytronics was cheap, very affordable postage, arrived the next day, neatly packaged, and it fit through my letterbox, so very happy with them!

Edit: Oh yes, my office is now in full force, with a workbench and a lamp for arduinoy goodness, although my notebook makes arduino work pretty mobile, and even more so when I get my components box!

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