Friday, July 29, 2011

My first arduino project

I have made this LED my bitch.

It flashes by my command.

The feeling of power spurs me on to my world domination.


I have taken delivery of my new Arduino set from Proto-Pic today, and I await much fun at home. I forsee the purchase of wire clippers and a new work bench, and my mind runs with ideas beyond my capabilities (as it often does). I'm going to start with the "hello world" flashing LED and I hope to have an LCD screen doing fancy things by dinner time. I must do this before the other half gets her hands on the project or she'll do it all while I'm making the tea and put me to shame. I may have to buy another one so we can do them side-by-side... but I need to have a holiday first, so it's saving time!

I'll try to post a picture of my very first project.

After that I'll work throught the workbook, learning, improving, tweaking.

Then it's LCD time. Then I buy a graphical one. Then I build a mechanised robot suit and take over the world. And it'll have a flashing LED."First Post")

Right, so here is a bit of an experiment. Can I or will I update this blog with anything of note or interest? Like every blog this is written entirely to satisfy myself and nobody else. Unlike many other blogs it will not be of interest to anyone but the author. It is designed to open the valve on my head before my brain explodes.

Currently my life consists of work, rest and play. My job is entirely work, my bed and my sofa are rest and my computer, and my new projects, are play. My relationship is all three, as it's supposed to be.

So. Onwards.