Friday, July 29, 2011


I have taken delivery of my new Arduino set from Proto-Pic today, and I await much fun at home. I forsee the purchase of wire clippers and a new work bench, and my mind runs with ideas beyond my capabilities (as it often does). I'm going to start with the "hello world" flashing LED and I hope to have an LCD screen doing fancy things by dinner time. I must do this before the other half gets her hands on the project or she'll do it all while I'm making the tea and put me to shame. I may have to buy another one so we can do them side-by-side... but I need to have a holiday first, so it's saving time!

I'll try to post a picture of my very first project.

After that I'll work throught the workbook, learning, improving, tweaking.

Then it's LCD time. Then I buy a graphical one. Then I build a mechanised robot suit and take over the world. And it'll have a flashing LED.

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