Wednesday, April 25, 2012

QA & Testing Resources

I'm investigating the world of QA & Testing Blogs and resources!

Mine has its moments of testing-related goings on in between robotics, ranting and philosophical silence, but if that simply isn't enough there are many more resources available. I will try to update this list based on comments, and things that I find in my search or buried in my bookmarks. Some I know well, some I do not, and the list will require a tidyup. If I particularly enjoy or find use in a resource I might give it a little star or something, who knows? Nobody, that's who.

If you would like your site removed from this list please contact me or leave a comment and I will do so. If you'd like it added please leave a comment and I'll give it a once over and add it to the list!


Phil's Expected Results
Andy Glover's
QA Hates You
Trish Khoo's testing blog
Testy Redhead
Alister Scott's Watirmelon [Watir/Watir-webdriver]
Hugh McGowan's The Science of Testing
Test Side Story
Michael Bolton's blog
James Bach's blog

MoT Test Bash

Groups / Communities / Forums

Software Testing Club
Ministry of Testing
Developer Testing
Test Driven
SQA Forums
Sticky Minds



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