Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Robotics ho!

To the land of robotics!

I am going to build my first Arduino line-following robot. It is decided.

I have a shopping list, I have the tools, I may be moving house within 2 weeks so I can't have anything delivered yet, but I will start the planning process and decide where I can get a cheap chassis and some cheap wheels from... it may be time to get back to the boot sale! I can't wait to stop being ill so I can chase these things.

If you're following along at home I will need:

* LEDs
* A battery
* A chassis
* 2 hobby servo motors (which I will adapt to run continuously. I have to learn sometime.)
* Nuts/bolts
* Resistors
* Matrix board
* IR Emitter/detectors
* A motor shield
* A caster wheel for the front

I'll try to update with photos when I actually build this thing.

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